Suzanne Manser, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Tag: eating disorders

Alternatives to Dieting

Wanna guess what my opinion of dieting is? Yep, exactly. It is all kinds of hope wrapped up in a shiny package that wears off

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A Path to Body Neutrality

It is freaking hard to like our bodies. We see so many images of people with “beautiful” bodies and body parts. We see so many

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Surviving Thanksgiving

For people who have a difficult relationship with food and/or their bodies, Thanksgiving can be a miserable nightmare of a holiday. It is a day

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Body Neutrality

Body image is how you see your body, and how you feel and think about what you see. You may see your body differently than

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Be the Change

Too often, I have caught myself sitting in my comfy therapist chair sucking in my stomach, or resting my arm in front of it. It

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