Eating Disorders Resources

There are many websites, books, podcasts, support groups, and organizations that can help you understand eating disorders, find inspiration, and find treatment. Here are a few.


Eating Disorders in General

The Eating Disorder Sourcebook  (2006) Costin
8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder: Effective Strategies from Therapeutic Practice and Personal Experience (2011) Costin and Schubert Grabb
Life Without ED (2003) Schaefer

Body Image

Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!) (2014) Sobczak
The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love (2018) Taylor
Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight (2014) Bacon and Aphramor
Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook to Unapologetic Living (2015) Baker
You Have the Right to Remain Fat (2018) Tovar

Binge Eating/Bulimia

Breaking Free from Emotional Eating (2003) Roth
Getting Better Bite by Bite: A Survival Kit for Sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders (2015) Schmidt, Treasure, and Alexander
Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body (2018) Gay

Eating Disorders in Boys and Men

Man Up to Eating Disorders (2014) Wallen
Anorexia: A Son’s Battle, A Mother’s War (2016) Roche
Understanding Anorexia Nervosa in Males: An Integrative Approach (2014) Woolridge
Destroying the Monster: Lessons Learned on the Path to Recovery (2013) Avon
Shattered Image: My Triumph Over Body Dysmorphic Disorder (2013) Cuban

For Parents

Anorexia and other Eating Disorders: how to help your child eat well and be well: Practical solutions, compassionate communication tools and emotional support for parents of children and teenagers (2014)
Help your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder (2015) Lock and LeGrange


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders This website for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders provides information about eating disorders and body image and nationwide referrals to therapists and facilities who specialize in eating disorders.  There is a helpline to call if you are in immediate need. It also offers connection to Recovery Mentors, Grocery Buddies, and a community of people in recovery.
The Association for Size Diversity and Health The Association for Size Diversity and Health is a nonprofit organization that “envisions a world that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, in which body weight is no longer a source of discrimination and where oppressed communities have equal access to the resources and practices that support health and well being.” This website provides information about the Health At Every Size (HAES®) approach as well as educational opportunities, referrals, and a network of like-minded experts and professionals.
Boy Anorexia This website offers information about anorexia in boys and young adult males as well as information about research projects, conferences, events, and books and blogs relevant for those with eating disorders and many oriented specifically to males. This website provides information about eating disorders and body image. It offers provides nationwide referrals to therapists and facilities that specialize in the treatment of people with eating disorders.
Bulima Guide This website is a comprehensive resource guide for people with bulimia and their families.  It provides in-depth information about navigating the health insurance maze and how to maximize insurance benefits as well as information on mental health laws pertaining to bulimia.
Columbia River Eating Disorder Network This website for the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network offers referrals to dietitians, groups, medical providers, therapists, and treatment centers in the greater Portland, OR area.
ED Catalogue This website has information about eating disorders, body image, recovery, and healthy eating in the form of articles and podcasts.  It also offers national treatment referrals as well as a catalogue of useful books and other resources.
National Eating Disorders Association This website offers information, support, and resources for people with eating disorders, including a toll-free helpline.
Project Heal Project Heal is devoted to equitable access to eating disorder treatment. They provide help navigating insurance, connecting you with residential treatment centers and outpatient providers who provide treatment at no cost or on a sliding scale, and they also offer direct cash assistance.


(mostly compiled by Suzanne Sanchez, LPC)

Title Author
Belly Love Rachel Cole
Body Positive Yogacast Amber Karnes
Decolonizing Fitness Ilya Parker
Deep Dive Dana Falsetti
Dietitian Seasonings & Therapist Reasonings Jill Sechi and Meredith Riddick
Dietitians Unplugged Aaron Flores & Gleyns Oyston
Do No Harm DeAun Nelson
Don’t Salt My Game Laura Thomas
Eating Disorder Recovery Dr. Jeanean Anderson
Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast Tabitha Farrar
Every Body Daria Matza
F Your Diet
Kimberly Weiss
Fat Club Podcast
Fat Face Feelings
Fearless Rebelle Radio Summer Innanen
Food Psych Christy Harrison
Fresh out the Cocoon
Joy Cox
Intuitive Bites Podcast Kirsten Ackerman
Life. Unrestricted. Meret Boxler
Love Food Julie Duffy Dillon
Matter of Fat Podcast  
My Black Body Jessica Wilson
Nutrition Matters
Paige Smathers
PCOS and Food Peace  
Plus Mommy Podcast  
The Appetite Opal: Food + Body Wisdom  
She’s All Fat April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn
The Bodylove Project Jessi Haggerty
The One Beautiful Yes! Podcast Tiana Dodson
The Racist Sandwich Podcast Soleil Ho & Zahir Janmohamed


Eating Disorder Support Groups

Please click here for a comprehensive list of online eating disorder support groups, including groups for teens, men, LGBTQ, and athletes as well as others (compiled by Sasha Zizza).

Additional online support groups, including groups for BIPOC, queer, and bodies of size, as well as a general ED groups, are held by Liberating Jasper.


Eating Disorder Groups in Portland (in person and online)

Please click on the facility name to confirm group times and check with them to see if any in-person meetings are happening.

Center for Discovery
13221 SW 68th Parkway, Suite 440

In person support groups:
For those with eating disorders: Thursdays, 7 pm

Online support groups:
For loved ones: Wednesdays, 5-6 pm
For those with eating disorders: Mondays, 5-6 pm
For those with Binge Eating Disorder: Wednesdays, 7-8 pm

Eating Disorder Center of Portland
5550 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 100

For those in the LGBTQ community who have an eating disorder, are on the path to recovery, or are recovered: Thursdays, 7:15-8:30 pm.

Meghan’s Place: Outpatient+Eating Disorders Therapy
10700 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Suite 696, Beaverton

Meghan Smith, LPC runs various groups every day of the week except Sunday. Some are meal support groups, some are process groups, some are skills-based groups. Please click on her clinic name above to see the current schedule. Meeting in person.

Providence Eating Disorders Treatment Program
9450 SW Barnes Road, Suite 200

Free informational meeting about eating disorders: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15 pm

Suzanne Sanchez Counseling
8555 SW Apple way, Suite 32o

Eating Disorder Recovery Group: For adults struggling with an eating disorder who want to connect with others who are recovery-focused.

Eating Disorders 101 Workshop: For family and friends or anyone who wants to understand eating disorders. Meets once per month for 90 minutes, days/times may vary.

Parent Support Group: For parents of teens with an eating disorder.