The COVID-19 pandemic and the Shelter at Home orders make this is a very challenging time for many. Many of us are feeling anxious about the safety of our loved ones, ourselves, and the world in general. Many of us are stressed being at home and not having a normal routine. Many of us are scared about what will happen to our jobs and the economy on the other side of this. Many of us are feeling like we should be doing “better” about exercising, eating well, homeschooling our kids, and being productive with this time. Many of us are wondering how long we will have to feel all of these things.

I am using this page to assemble some resources for those of us struggling in these ways.

General strategies

Dr. Russ Harris has created an infographic of simple strategies to keep our focus where it is helpful during this stressful time. He has also created an eBook that goes more in depth about each strategy.

FACE COVID Infographic


I’ve written a couple of short articles with some suggestions and strategies:

The COVID Marathon

The COVID Rollercoaster

Dr. Sue Varma, who studies trauma and loneliness, suggests these strategies:

  • Mindfulness. If you have 10 minutes, do one of the many apps that are available – Calm, Headspace – or just deep breathing.
  • Movement is really important. Ten or 15 minutes of exercising, squats, lunges, pushups, anything you’re capable of doing, even stretching, any gentle yoga. Getting outside, if you’re allowed to, while maintaining social distancing.
  • Mastery – anything creative. And I don’t mean productive necessarily because we’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves right now.
  • Meaningful connection with other people and offering help to people can be very beneficial. We find that when altruism is actually one of the keys to resilience after trauma helping other people it benefits both the giver and the receiver.