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The e-book is officially available!! 


Three and a half years after I started, my book is finally out in the world!! WOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!! 

My personal transformation memoir is a love letter to anyone who was unseen and disregarded by their mom, anyone who grew up feeling insignificant and irrelevant. It offers understanding, validation, and healing.

"Through the dual lenses of the child who lived it and the therapist healing from it, this intimate memoir traces the devastating impact of intergenerational trauma, ultimately showing us how to transcend our own lineages and transform our lives."


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I'll send out another email when the print versions of the book are fully ready for pre-order. The hardbacks and paperbacks have just entered pre-order status and are starting to show up on the various bookseller websites. They are already on Amazon!

The guided journal will be ready for order by March.

I've also got a new article!

In the past few months since I've been posting on Instagram about my book and my relationship with my mom, I've heard from so many people about their mother wounds. I've realized how invalidated so many people feel.

Our relationships with our moms are so complicated. We don't feel like we're allowed to feel hurt by our mom. We don't know how to center ourselves instead of her. We don't know what to do with our hate.

I'll be writing a series of articles about how our mothers wound us and how those wounds impact us. This is the first.

Understanding and Healing from Our Mother Wounds (Part 1)
More than anyone else in our lives, our parents have the power to harm us emotionally. Because they’re our parents, we need them to see us, love us, show up…

Click here to read about my book and its companion guided journal:

I Hate You (A Love Letter to My Mother)
A Journal for Healing Your Mother Wound and Transforming Your Life

Thanks for being on this wild journey with me! I'm really excited you're here!


Take good care,

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